Thursday, October 18, 2012

Reviews for Travel by Train and Yosa Buson/Zany Zongas,

Yosa Buson and the Zany Zongas - Intercession - "The first, a collab from Zany Zongas & Yosa Buson, is heavy and menacing...Basically, this tape is molten thick drone and fucking cool all down the line." -Cassette Gods

"Because of the length they get to really take the listener on a sonic journey in a very progressive rock sorta way. As usual I was reading something during my first listen, namely Kafka's diaries, and it really made me bug out a bit." - SpaceRockMountain

Travel by Train - Strings - "As a listener (and guitar player) I love the low to high ascendency of the album as a whole. TBT's right on the money with this concept and executed the performance/production perfectly."

-Cassette Gods

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