Monday, November 18, 2013

Kickstart Yosa Buson and Travel by Train Vinyl

Yosa Buson and Travel by Train have been recording prolifically over the last few years, creating psychedelic jams and experiments with a slew of like minded musicians and bands (Zany Zongas, The Revolutionary Independence Movement, The Russian River Experience, The Exploding Aranyakas). Most of the recordings end up on ultra-limited cassette releases that sell out quickly. For this project, the band would like to release some of their best works on a professionally dubbed and printed cassette tape, allowing a larger audience to enjoy them in the physical form. In addition, the band will create 10 vinyl 7 inch records that will contain new songs. These records will come with a full color sleeve and vinyl covering to protect it on your shelf. This will be the only physical release of these songs. On top of that, a poster will be created and printed for this project. Only a handful will be made.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Sexies - Start Fights! (OMR 22)

Coming from the dark, hot pits of the Imperial Valley, the Sexies made a splash in garage rock circles 10 years ago and then faded away. This release is one of their best EPs, released again on cassette with a slew of other tracks from the band's career. Only 25 cassettes produced.

Yosa Buson and the Russian River Experience/ The Antlers of the Midnight Sun (OMR 21)

Yosa Buson teams up with his Santa Rosa partners that were out for no good, and make some stomping explosive blasts of sound. On the flip side is the Brawley based psychedelic jammers, the Antlers of the Midnight Sun. Released on limited edition cassettes (25 copies) and sold out.

Yosa Buson - Black Sessions (OMR 24-25)

Yosa Buson has left behind one of his many collaborative bands and put together a series of solo tracks titled "The Black Sessions." These pieces explore Eastern Experimental soundscapes and approaches, all in a way that only Yosa knows how. We put out a limited number of vinyl copies, and are now sold out. You will have to dig through ebay to find one now, but digital copies are available for free.