Monday, August 13, 2012

Alcolades for the New Zany Zongas record

The Zany Zongas' new record, North Park, has received good reviews from critics and fans alike. This is what people are saying about their new psychedelic experience.

"The music of Zany Zongas immediately brings easily noted similiarities with the Finnish avant-garde I'm so fond of like Paavoharju and Kemialliset Ystävät...Can't recommend enough checking out this album with the biggest headphones you got." - SpaceRockMounatain

"Zany Zongas' tape is titled Northpark (one of the neighborhoods in San Diego) and their LSD on the beach sound is improvised metallic guitar ooze...The music is dark, reflective, inward aiming, and causes me to sit back with my eyes closed daydreaming at sunset. The second piece, "Ahadu," is my favorite on first go around. The guitars approximate swirling light shows and somewhere deep in my mind a hippie woman is twirling barefoot." - Cassette Gods

"The best thing I have heard this year." - Charles McCormick

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